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About i-RISC

i-RISC is a FET-OPEN research project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (Grant Agreement number 309129)

Publié le 7 juin 2017


The ongoing miniaturization of data processing and storage devices and the imperative of low-energy consumption can only be sustained through low-powered components. Lower supply voltages and variations in technological process of emerging nanoelectronic devices make them inherently unreliable. As a consequence, the nanoscale integration of chips built out of unreliable components has emerged as one of the most critical challenges for the next-generation electronic circuit design. To make such nanoscale integration economically viable, new solutions for efficient and fault-tolerant data processing and storage must now be invented.


Project Purpose

The i-RISC project aims at achieving these goals, by providing innovative fault-tolerant solutions at both device- and system-level that are fundamentally rooted in mathematical models, algorithms, and techniques of information and coding theory. Proposed solutions will build on error correcting codes and encoder/decoder architectures able to provide reliable error protection even if they themselves operate on unreliable hardware. The project will develop the scientific foundation and provide a first proof-of-concept by validating the proposed solutions on accurate error models and energy measurement tools developed within the project. In the forthcoming challenge of nanoscale technologies, the i-RISC project is an essential prerequisite for preparing the European industry for this paradigm shift.


​i-RISC Consortium

​Short name
Participant organization name​CountryPrincipal Investigator
Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives​FranceDr. Valentin Savin
​ENSEAEcole Nationale Supérieure de l’Electronique et de ses Applications​FranceProf. David Declercq
​TUDTechnische Universiteit Delft​NetherlandsDr. Sorin Cotofana
​UPTUniversitatea Politehnica Timisoara​RomaniaDr. Alexandru Amaricai
​UCCUniversity College Cork, National University of Ireland​IrelandDr. Emanuel Popovici
​ELFAKUniversity of Nis, Faculty of Electronic Engineering​SerbiaDr. Goran T. Djordjevic
Prof. Bane Vasic